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Reese Witherspoon talks about her first husband – Ryan Phillippe

by on October 12, 2011

Newlywed Reese Witherspoon graces the new cover of ELLE UK, and the Oscar winner poses for a sexy shot inside the mag and reveals new details about her first marriage to Ryan Phillippe.

Witherspoon wed talent agent Jim Toth last weekend at her Ojai estate, and while she says walking down the aisle again is an “exciting feeling,” she chats about the mistakes she made the first time she tied the knot. Witherspoon, who was just 24 years old when she married Phillippe admits that it was “a ridiculously young” age, but the relationship taught her a lot about being a good wife and friend.

Witherspoon says, “I learnt a lot, though. It was an excellent opportunity for me to really find out what it means to be a partner and to be in a marriage and it’s not anything that I thought it was.” Of the past, she added, “You can’t say, ‘I don’t want to talk about that.’ You just can’t. You’ve got to talk about it all.”

Reese Witherspoon’s first husband - Ryan Phillippe - more than approves of the man about to be her second.


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